It takes more than a healthy sense of corporate community to translate into a thriving online community. So at, we have put together links to a collection of resources on the subject of online community -- resources specifically targeted to small businesses.

Techniques and Tips

From e-mail to extranets, here are some of the ways the Internet can help your business make crucial connections.

Does Internet Recruiting Work?
One needs to look beyond career sites and job boards to see the ultimate opportunities for finding workers online.
Grist: Don't Ignore Corporate Graffiti
The thoughts and scribblings of today's "prophetic minorities" are everywhere--especially on the Internet. Companies should not ignore the lessons contained in this corporate graffiti.
Cut-Rate Collaboration
Learn about free or inexpensive intranet tools.
Your Community of Customers
Examine the ways in which you communicate with customers.
A Fine and Private Page
Should you password-protect part of your site to use for sensitive business communication?
Logging On the Web
Never heard of Web logging? Read on.
In Praise of E-mail
It's humble. It's commonplace. But e-mail remains one of the Web's most powerful business tools.

Case Studies: Small Companies that Build Online Community

Read about entrepreneurial companies that have successfully used the Web as a community-building tool.

Online Relationships
Discover how Inc. 500 companies are improving business communication via the Web.
The Thing That Would Not Die
Read the saga of one toy company that developed a great online community -- and then almost killed it.
Best of the Small Business Web: Full of Bean Counters
One small seminar company used its Web site to create a brand -- and forge longer-lasting relationships with customers.

Community Is No Panacea

If you think creating an online community is easy, automatic, or appropriate for every small business, get the rude awakening here.

The Myth of Community
One entrepreneurial company learned from experience that not every business should try to create an online community.
Community: A Word from the Experts
There's a lot of hype about online community. Here, experts offer a reality check.
Community or Ghost Town?
If you build it, will they come?
Easy Come, Easy Go
Avoid these five community-killing mistakes.