Anne Stuart is a Boston-based freelance journalist who has written about business, technology, and the Internet for nearly a decade. Before going solo, she was a senior writer at Inc., a senior editor at CIO and CIO Web Business, a founding editor of WebMaster, and a reporter for The Associated Press and several daily newspapers.

In her biweekly column, "TechnoFile: Ideas for Jump Starting Your Business with Technology," Stuart covers tech tips, news, and trends for growing businesses. Send Stuart questions and ideas for future columns at

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The Perfect Host
All Web hosts are not created equal.'s technology columnist Anne Stuart describes how to evaluate Web hosts and to choose the one that's best for your business. (March 2004,
Start the Meter
'Pay-as-you-go' computing could revolutionize how companies buy and use technology. (March 2004,
TechnoFile: Writing Well on the Web
Hardly anybody really likes reading online. No surprise there, since so many websites are so poorly written. Here are easy ways to make your Web words more reader-friendly. (February 2004,>
TechnoFile: Pop Art
Pop-up ads are annoying, distracting -- and, occasionally, highly effective. The trick: using them in just the right place at just the right time.
TechnoFile: Identity Crisis
Do you know who's accessing your company's private information? Are you sure? Here are some high-tech ways to protect your employees, your customers, and yourself. (October 2003,
TechnoFile: Why Wi-Fi?
Because it's fast. Because it's convenient. Because it's everywhere. But the wonder technology does have drawbacks. (September 2003,
TechnoFile: Blogging for Business
Blogging has been popular with teens, geeks, and flamboyant extroverts for years, but today, it's garnering more attention from businesses as a way to connect with customers and prospects. Plus: Weblog Resources (July 2003,
TechnoFile: Canning Spam
There's good news and bad about what companies can do to stem the tide of spam. (May 2003,
TechnoFile: There's a Virus Going Around
Hundreds of nasty new computer viruses surface monthly, threatening your systems -- and your business. Here's how to keep things healthy. (March 2003,
Technology: Good Call
Voice-over IP -- telephoning on the Web -- is at last coming into its own as a way to save big on telecom. (March 2003, Inc. magazine)
A Telecom Alternative
Anne Stuart offers a trio of articles on voice-over Internet protocol phone systems to help you better understand their advantages and disadvantages. (February 2003,
Mavens: Burn Rate
CD recorders aren't just for music-crazed teenagers.They're for you. And your company. (February 2003, Inc. magazine)
Transformations: No Baby Steps
The Web still offers companies an opportunity to reinvent themselves. Here are some companies that did just that and, in the process, won a 2002 Inc. Web Award. (December 2002, Inc. magazine)
Paradise Found
A lawyer's Web site brought new customers to his business. More important, it also brought balance to his life. (December 2002, Inc. magazine)
This Year's Model
An old-line publisher morphs into an on-line star, discovering brand-new revenue sources in the process. (December 2002, Inc. magazine)
The Search Engine
This firm's employees didn't even use computers. But they soon adapted when the business opted to compete on technology. (December 2002, Inc. magazine)
Thank You for Sharing
A consulting group learns to exploit its information riches by weaving a sophisticated intranet into workers' lives. (December 2002, Inc. magazine)
A local video company abandons broadcast for webcast and picks up a national medical clientele. (December 2002, Inc. magazine)
Killer Applications: Really Useful Engines
The best Web sites don't just work, they do work. And some perform their duties in ingenious ways. (December 2002, Inc. magazine)
Printing Money
Andrew Field didn't have enough work to keep his presses busy. So he got other printing companies into the act. (December 2002, Inc. magazine)
Take My Payroll, Please
An outsourcer turns an HR headache into a Web-based breeze by shredding the time it takes to do paperwork. (December 2002, Inc. magazine)
Lab Retrievers
A medical-device company targets customers who don't know what they need and lack the money to pay for it. (December 2002, Inc. magazine, written with Inc. senior editor Leigh Buchanan)
Rental Health
Sometimes the worst tenants have the best credit. Now landlords can use a Web site to help reduce their own risk. (December 2002, Inc. magazine, written with Inc. senior editor Leigh Buchanan)
Hoof and Math
Robert Ferrand hopes he can use his Web-based service to make saddle sores a painful relic of the past. (December 2002, Inc. magazine, written with Inc. senior editor Leigh Buchanan)
Digital Inc: Going Mobile
Investing in a wireless network slashed inventory errors at one electronics distributor. Better yet, it turned warehouse workers into high-tech innovators. (December 2002, Inc. magazine)
Warehouses Unplugged
Here's a list of some of the major players in the wireless data-collection industry, including questions you should ask when investigating the options. (November 2002,
High Concept: Miracle Tablets
New rules covering medical data may create a market among M.D.'s for tablet PCs. (November 2002, Inc. magazine)
Best of the Net: Point. Click. Pay Your Bills
How easy is it to manage your monthly accounting on the Web? Our CEO panel gives credit where it's due. (November 2002, Inc. magazine)
Best of the Net: Power Brokers
When it comes to presentation software, most users agree there's one clear standard. We've found some Web-based resources to help you make your point. (October 2002, Inc. magazine)
Cheat Sheet: Eminent Domains
A slew of new on-line business addresses are coming on the market. Should you stake out a claim on territory that goes beyond dot-com? (September 2002, Inc. magazine)
IM Is Here. RU Ready 2 Try It?
Instant messages -- those cryptic little on-line conversations -- are traveling from teenagers' computers into businesses like yours. (July 2002, Inc. magazine)
IM Etiquette 101
Read these tips for using instant messaging wisely at work. (June 2002,
IM Product Sampler
A list of free and commercial-grade IM products. (June 2002,
IM Legal Primer
Instant messaging is evolving into a serious business tool -- with serious legal and security risks as well. (June 2002,
Cost Cutting: The Money Pit
They're the line item from hell: telecom costs. Most companies charges have doubled while rates have actually fallen. Here's how to get a grip on them. (May 2002, Inc. magazine)
Special Technology Report: Inside Story
These days, savvy CEOs are tapping the power of intranets and extranets to give small companies the muscle and flexibility of their big-company counterparts. Shouldn't you? (April 2002, Inc. magazine)
Toy Story
The tiny personal productivity tools, real and promised, that are currently generating buzz. (April 2002, Inc. magazine)
Here are some tried-and-true ways to find out what you're really paying to stay connected -- and how to cut those costs. (April 2002,
Creating a Cyberdefense
After suicide hijackers and anthrax letters, the next big worry is virtual terrorists. (January 2002, Inc. magazine)
Have Tech, Won't Travel
As the travel business goes bust, videoconferencing, Web-casting, and satellite services are starting to boom. (January 2002, Inc. magazine)
The Best Small-Business Sites in America
With apologies to Mark Twain, tales of the Internet's death have been greatly exaggerated. Presenting Inc's guide to what makes a great Web site. (November 2001, Inc. magazine)
Home Groan
Most Web sites run by one-person shops are pretty bad. But it doesn't have to be that way. (November 2001, Inc. magazine)
All The Right Moves
Getting taxpayers to foot the bill for your new IT system. (September 2001, Inc. magazine)
Best of the Web: The On-Line Gourmet
Enjoy fine dining? Our panel of well-fed CEOs rates Web sites geared for the bistro-loving business traveler. (July 2001, Inc. magazine)
Best of the Web: Virtual Workouts, Real-World Results?
Can you really get your exercise in front of your computer? Dozens of fitness sites are popping up and Inc. has rated the best. (May 2001, Inc. magazine)
Things We Love: A Nightlight for Laptops
A review of the Kensington FlyLight -- a nightlight for your laptop. (March 2001, Inc. magazine
Cutting the Cord
Wireless workplaces save time and money, and promote mobility -- but, as companies like WebLinc are finding out, they can create new headaches as well. (March 2001, Inc. magazine)
Express Delivery
After years of careful, deliberate work in the shipping and logistics business, Accuship's Mason Kauffman pulls out all the stops in a race to rule the online logistics market. (March 2001, Inc. magazine)
Laptop Insecurity
Over 300,000 laptops were stolen in the U.S. in 1999. Here's the latest on laptop security. (March 2001, Inc. magazine)
Not Dead Yet
Online intermediaries are finding new success by adding value to the products customers are buying. (March 2001, Inc. magazine)
Web Awards 2000: ROI
Low-cost start-up, strong revenues, and fast growth are some reasons that and Affordable Supplements landed second and third place, respectively, in the ROI category of the 2000 Inc. Web Awards. (November 2000, Inc. magazine)
Sweet Deals
Mrs. Beasley's has created a stellar blueprint for integrating "bricks" and "clicks" businesses through strategic partnerships, superior logistics, and some surprisingly simple marketing techniques. (November 2000, Inc. magazine)
CEO Gear Guide
If you're shopping for high-tech gear this holiday season, you're in luck: Executive gadgets keep getting more powerful and more portable. (November 2000, Inc. magazine)
Parallel Universe
What's an expanding city to do when it runs out of room? Take it online. (September 2000, Inc. magazine)
So You Want to Share Your Mailing List
Share information about your customers without getting into trouble. (September 2000,
Best of the Net: Start the Presses!
With a little imagination, you can design your company's printed materials without ever leaving your desk. Many online sites offer print services, but how good are they? Inc.'s panel of entrepreneurs puts them to the test. (September 2000, Inc. magazine)
Nailing It
In the race to build the first online hardware store, Peter Hunt and Rich Takata put their company in the hands of Xuma, a build-to-order Web site developer. (June 2000, Inc. magazine)
Flushing Out Customers
An Internet conference exhibitor puts a new twist on promoting to a captive audience. (June 2000, Inc. magazine)
Virtual Swap Meet
An online matchmaker for developing technologies. (June 2000, Inc. magazine)
Beauty and the Best
Marla Malcolm, a "clicks and bricks" CEO, outfits her fast-growing online and offline business. Her experience has generated useful lessons for start-ups of every stripe. (June 2000, Inc. magazine)