The sheer speed of business in the Internet world means that business planning has to be quicker, too. But the very force that's driving the need for acceleration - the Internet - also helps you achieve it. The Internet contains vast information resources that can make writing your business plan faster and easier. So, at, we've collected a series of articles and resources to help you with both online and offline business-planning research. We've also added links to articles that can help you use your business plan as a tool for your financing efforts.

Writing Your Business Plan

Do You Need to Plan Differently for a Dot-Com Business?
Is drawing up a business plan different for a dot-com? The real challenge today is adapting the intellectual rigors of traditional business planning to the rapidly changing demands of the Internet.
What's the Need for Numbers in an Internet Business Plan?
Think a hot idea is all you need to light up the business plan of your Internet venture? Experts say you'd better be prepared to back up your big idea with some solid numbers.
Plan for Success
The Web is a treasure trove of information on writing a business plan, and much of it is free for the taking.

Getting Financing

Capital Training
A report from the trenches:'s Bootcamp for Start-Ups provides fledgling entrepreneurs with two days of learning and networking with peers and top venture capitalists. Here's a peek into this business training course, along with four key strategies from VCs for getting your company on their radar.
Persuasive Projections
Do your financial projections have you taking a $500,000 company and turning it into a $16 million one in only five years? That's great if you can do it. However, a banker or other financial professional will likely look askance at such optimistic projections if they don't contain rock-solid reasoning to back them up. To keep common mistakes from derailing your financing prospects, the managing director of a finance and business consulting firm shares his top projection dos and don'ts.
Seven Entrepreneurs in Search of a Deal
Follow the adventures of seven small-company owners as they describe - in their own words - the creative ways they raised money.
Business Plan Building, Section by Section
Business Plan tips, how to write a business plan, get sample business plan templates, free business plan software, help and business plan advice for the small business entrepreneur.


Free Tool: Profit and Loss Projection
Use this preformatted spreadsheet to create a profit and loss projection for your business plan. (Note: You have to be a member of to download this free tool. Joining is free; click here to sign up.)