Nothing is worse for a business leader than to deliver a presentation that uses the same, tired techniques the audience has seen a hundred times, making their eyelids droop.

In a recent online poll of 382 business managers, some 71 percent of respondents said that they have fallen asleep or been sleepy during an "uninteresting" presentation, according to a survey by Infommersion Inc. a developer of data visualization software. Some 43 percent of respondents have caught other people dozing.

Here are some new ways in which manufacturers of presentation hardware have spiced up the equipment to make presentations more effective:

Targus Wireless Trackball Mouse/ Laser Pointer/ Multimedia/ Presentation Control

A mouse that sports 2.4 GHz wireless technology, a wireless 'presenter' that can be used at a distance of up to 50 feet. What's cool: Device allows switching between applications, can launch the net or access e-mail. $69

DPG-2000W Wireless Gateway

Wireless Presentation Gateway that connects via a standard VGA cable to virtually any projector or monitor. The DPG-2000W uses 802.11g technology for presentations on monitors or onscreen via projector. Also helps share presentations, applications, or images in a group setting. What's cool: Like having your own wireless network during your presentation. $249

Viewsonic PJ400 LCD Projecto

For professional presentations or home theater use, weighs 4.8 pounds. Has SVGA 800x600 resolution and 1,600 lumens. What's cool: Offers advanced video features, progressive scan and 3:2 pull down as well as multiple inputs and HDTV support. $699

PLUS U2-813 DLP Projector

Supports 1024 x 768 XGA resolution. Wireless Remote Included, weighs 5.6 pounds. Upgraded brightness of 1300 lumens, 800:1 contrast ratio, built-in software. Digital zoom, wireless remote control with eight on-screen pointers. What's cool: Can also control your PC and has a built-in laser pointer. $799

Toshiba TDP-S25U Projector

A DLP projector with Max resolution of 800 x 600. 1800 ANSI lumens, supports all analog video formats: PAL, NTSC, SECAM, also DV input of DTV or HDTV. What's cool: Image size is 2.5 ft by 25 ft. and weighs a mere 6.6 pounds. $849

Canon RE-455X Video Visualizer

Not your average 'overhead projector.' Combines image quality with the versatility displaying dox, media, and 3-D objects. With XGA resolution, a 12X zoom lens, twin fluorescent lamps. XGA (1,024 x 768 pixels) Output, 12X Zoom, Auto-Focus, Still Image. What's cool: Capable of switching between the RGB input from your computer and the image from the unit. $1249

NEC MultiSync LCD 3210 Portable Screen Presentation display

A 32" screen in with a 1360 x 768 resolution supports PAL/SECAM/NTSC, S-Video and HDTV; Long cable compensation prevents image quality from dispersing, supports video walls with up to twenty displays. What's cool: One-click-configuration of all business displays. $ 1,615


1100 ANSI Lumens Widescreen HD Home Cinema Projector. A high-definition home theater projector that produces film-like images with a 5500:1 contrast ratio. What's cool: Can display HD pix up to 14.5-feet wide. $2,128

Samsung SyncMaster 400P

The SyncMaster 400P presentation display is a 40 inch analog/digital LCD display that offers a 800: 1 contrast ratio, 1366 x 768 resolution, 'Xtrawide' 170°/170° viewing angle. What's cool: If the presentation doesn't work in public, this makes it worth bringing home. $2,779