What Can You Expect from Inc. Business Owners Council?

  • Read a letter from The Council's honorary chairman, Norm Brodsky
  • Read a letter from The Council's executive director, Lewis Schiff

We Connect You

  • Each month, Council Members are invited to attend local, exclusive, face-to-face, meetings featuring an expert presenter from the pages of Inc. magazine. These presentations are focused on accelerating growth and wealth-creation for business owners.
  • The Council facilitates peer-to-peer development that drives real business opportunities. You'll meet like-minded entrepreneurs who can become your greatest assets and allies as you take your business to the next level.
  • With a strong local focus, Council Members of the Greater New York chapter will meet members across the Greater New York area and within specific areas, Northern New Jersey, New York City, Long Island, Westchester, Southern Connecticut. (Did you know that the Greater New York area is home to the largest number of Inc. 5000 companies in America?)
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We Celebrate You

  • Inc. Magazine has been the leading voice for entrepreneurship for three decades. Business owners who join The Council will receive support in raising their profile and driving additional visibility for their business.
  • Through Inc. magazine, Council Members will gain access to leading entrepreneurial newsmakers, gaining entry into an elite cadre of growth-oriented, private-company thought leaders.
  • Members receive special access to Inc. community programs and events nationwide.
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We Coach You

We focus regularly on tools and concepts that matter. Such as:

As "the boss," your work often consists of putting out the day's fires. Enrich your life outside of the workplace by spending time with others who see the world as you do and view entrepreneurship as more than just a profession but also as a calling unlike any other.

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