An Open Letter From Norm Brodsky,
Honorary Chairman,
Inc. Business Owners Council

Fellow business owners,

When we were kids, my friends and I used to talk about what we would do when we grew up. Back then, my pals gave the usual responses which evolved along with the times: professional baseball player gave way to lawyer, which gave way to teacher or police officer. But my answer was always constant: "I want to be rich."

It's taken me years to understand what I was really after: freedom to do what I want, when I want and with whom I want. Today, as many of you have followed through my columns inside Inc. magazine, I've accomplished much of what I set out to. I've successfully started and sold a number of companies. I've spent most of my life in the company of people I admire, fellow entrepreneurs. And, I've received more than my fair share of recognition from our community along the way.

Now, I'm privileged to join you in creating a community of like-minded individuals--exceptional people who also seek freedom to be great at what they do but have been, up-to-now, hell-bent on finding their own path. I understand that instinct along with many of you. However, imagine what could happen if we simply gathered regularly and shared our best ideas with each other. Imagine how Council Members will accelerate each other's journey by offering one another the fruits of our wisdom, friendship and the lessons we've learned along the way. Now imagine that being done under the banner of excellence that is the Inc. brand.

It's been a long time since any of my peers told me they wanted to be a professional athlete. These days we're more apt to talk about owning the team. But it's high time that the profession of entrepreneur was recognized for the achievement it is. It takes excellence to succeed in business ownership. You are the professional athletes of your field, the dream team of businesspeople, the MVPs among your peers.

Creating a community of great entrepreneurs is a grand slam of an idea. I look forward to meeting you at an upcoming Council meeting.

Yours Truly,

Norm Brodsky
Honorary Chairman
Inc. Business Owners Council