Milton Glaser: Design and Art Are Like Sex and Love  click to view all 9 videos

Legendary graphic designer Milton Glaser sat down with Inc.'s Blake Taylor to talk about the definition of design, the importance of art, and why you can have one without the other.


Intuit's Scott Cook: The Requirements of Leadership Have Changed

Winning over your customers is a given. But to be truly successful, says Intuit's founder, you're going to have to win more than that.

Steve Case on How to Get Your Startup Noticed

AOL's co-founder talks to Inc. about building the network that will drive any startup's growth.

Your Work Is Not Your Life

Why entrepreneurs have to make time to think about who they really want to be.

Zappos' New Secret Weapon: Personal Shopping

With the Ask Zappos service, the retailer could redefine online shopping all over again.

Intuit's Scott Cook on the Surprising Source of Massive Growth

The founder of Intuit explains why many of the best growth opportunities for your business will be completely unforeseeable.

Malcolm Gladwell on Why Entrepreneurs Should Be Troublemakers

The best-selling author explains why you shouldn't seek the approval of your peers--you should do just the opposite.

Reid Hoffman on Dealing With Disruption Whiplash

The co-founder of LinkedIn explains why entrepreneurs should embrace opposition--not shy away from it.

Reid Hoffman on How to Know If Your Product Will Fail

The co-founder of LinkedIn discusses his new book "The Alliance" and shares a simple rule for testing out new products.

Reid Hoffman: The Best Interview Question You Can Ask

The co-founder of LinkedIn talks about his new book "The Alliance" and what to ask job candidates so that you build loyalty from your very first conversation.

Reid Hoffman's Surprising (and Highly Effective) Hiring Strategy

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman talks to Inc.'s Eric Schurenberg about building loyalty with employees, networking best practices for entrepreneurs, and his new book The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age.

How to Be a Giver (Without Giving Away Too Much)

Wharton business professor Adam Grant explains the best strategy for being helpful without being exploited.

The Most Powerful People in Your Network Who You're Not Tapping

Wharton business professor Adam Grant explains the best strategy for getting the most out of your network.

Why Nice Entrepreneurs Finish First

Wharton professor and author of bestseller Give and Take Adam Grant talks with Inc.'s Eric Schurenberg about the latest research on giving, taking, success, networking, and more.

Why You Should Be a Giver--With No Strings Attached

Author Adam Grant explains why, in business and in life, nice entrepreneurs always finish first.

Father and Son CEOs on Authentic Leadership

Blue Apron founder Matt Salzberg talks business with his dad, Deloitte global CEO Barry Salzberg.

3 Steps for Becoming a Better Leader

LearnVest founder Alexa von Tobel and Samuel Bacharach, co-founder of Bacharach Leadership Group, demystify the essential skills of leaders and reveal how to instill them in yourself and your employees.

Noreena Hertz: The Science of Making Smarter Decisions

The author of Eyes Wide Open talks to Inc.'s Allison Fass about what entrepreneurs can do to make good choices under pressure and conquer indecision.

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Underdogs

New Yorker staff writer and best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell talks to Inc.'s Issie Lapowsky about business lessons from his latest book, David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants.

How to Make the Start-Up World a Better Place

Stanford professor and Singularity University vice president Vivek Wadhwa talks about immigration, discrimination and the exponential growth of technology.

Scott Cook: How to Build a Culture of Innovation

The Intuit founder talks about effective decision-making, encouraging experimentation and the advances he thinks will change the way business is done.

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