1. Most Audacious Companies

Inc. released its annual list of the top 25 companies changing the world. Check out the full list, plus maverick-in-chief Mark Cuban on what it takes to be an audacious entrepreneur.--Inc.com

2. Social Semantics

Enough with the term "social media" already, says Twitter co-founder Ev Williams. "Just because it's on the Internet or created by a single person doesn't make it social." But here's what does: if you know your audience, care about them, and they care about you just as much, then you're social. Something to keep in mind, marketers.--Medium

3. Trust Us

Has the "sharing economy" shaped us into a more trusting society? Certainly people are engaging in behaviors that would have been deemed crazy five years ago, from jumping into a stranger's car (Lyft) to handing over their house keys (Airbnb). But that "trust?" It rests on a complex set of digital tools and algorithms built by small companies.--Wired

4. Native Clicks

Native advertising is a relatively new experiment for brands, so how are they doing so far? Well, the latest numbers show that 70 percent of Internet users are receptive, saying they want to learn about products through content rather than through traditional advertising. Additionally, more than half of consumers who click on native ads do so with the intention of purchasing something, compared with just 34 percent who click on banner ads.--Inc.com

5. CFO Shake-Up

Facebook may have beat earnings expectations on Wednesday, but it lost its chief financial officer David Ebersman the same day. Ebersman said he's stepping down to move back to the health care industry.--Marketwatch

6. Alan Mulally's Legacy

Amidst widespread reports that Ford will soon announce COO Mark Fields as the successor to CEO Alan Mulally, the time is right to consider what you might learn from Mulally's legacy. Consider this leadership nugget from a November 2013 interview with McKinsey: Hold yourself and your teams accountable for answering these questions: "What business are we in? What is the deep consumer need we are uniquely positioned to satisfy?"--McKinsey

7. Put a Ring on It?

According to a recent study, marital status may play a big role in a CEO's investment decisions. The study found that bachelors and bachelorettes tend to be more aggressive in their behavior, while those who have a ball-and-chain are more often cautious.--Knowledge@Wharton