1. Back to the Future

The 2002 sci-fi movie Minority Report may have foreshadowed contemporary advertising. In the film, a camera takes a retina scan of Tom Cruise's character and a billboard calls out, "John Anderton! You could use a Guinness right about now!" With all the geo-location and geo-targeting apps out today, not to mention the ACR fingerprinting technology in apps like Shazam, the next generation of digital marketers have tools in their arsenal that used to be strictly sci-fi.--Re/Code

2. Was It Something You Said?

There's a 25 percent chance your employees don't trust you, according to The American Psychological Association's 2014 Work and Well-Being Survey released this week. Dr. David Ballard, the head of APA's Center for Organizational Excellence, tells HBR that trust is measured by the workers' expectation to "count on and rely on their organization."--HBR

3. Security Alert 1

If you're still using Internet Explorer, stop--right away. Security experts have discovered a hole hackers have been exploiting to gain nearly full control of victims' PCs. The flaw has been dubbed "Operation Clandestine Fox," and security experts are warning people not to use IE again until Microsoft issues a fix.--Mashable

4. Security Alert 2

AOL said Monday that the email addresses, postal addresses, address books, encrypted passwords, and the encrypted answers to security questions from a significant number users were stolen recently. John Levine, who co-wrote "The Internet for Dummies" said the company finally acknowledged what users had suspected after a mass spam attack, and he added it's clear that AOL must work on its cyber security.--L.A. Times

5. Good News for Road Warriors

The TSA is expanding its PreCheck screening, which allows passengers to skip the body scanner, and have a less-stressful security screening. It's currently at 118 airports, and the TSA plans to open 300 centers for accepting PreCheck applications by the end of 2014.--New York Times

6. No Thanks, Disney

Disney was reportedly in talks to try to buy Buzzfeed earlier this year. The talks apparently broke down over the price: Buzzfeed wanted $1 billion.--Fortune 

7. La Geurre for Tech Talent

In addition to creating a startup visa for entrepreneurs, France announced plans to also offer a visa for engineers in a broad effort to attract talent to feed its up-and-coming startup scene. So it looks like the U.S. will have even more competition for the best global developers.--Techcrunch

8. The Unmentionable

In a live online chat in his first day as EVP of the Microsoft Devices Group (formerly Nokia, whose acquisition Microsoft completed last Friday), Stephen Elop broke the news that Nokia as a brand will not be used going forward for smartphones. It's a reminder for entrepreneurs seeking acquirers: The brand you've spent decades building might not survive your exit.--Nokia