1. Patent Problems

Amazon successfully won a patent for a photographic lighting technique that photographers have known and used for years. Despite the fact that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has previously said that he worries about the effect of patent suits on innovation, the move suggests the online retailer is perfectly happy to exploit the U.S. patent system's weaknesses in the meantime. --CNET

2. Still Bleeding

Just 14 percent of sites bit by the Heartbleed bug have done everything needed to fix the vulnerability, according to research from U.K.-based Internet security firm Netcraft. Just as worrying, 67 percent of affected Internet users haven't done anything at all to secure their accounts. --Recode

3. Wearables in Fashion

With about $500 million invested in Beats Electronics, the Carlyle Group stands to cash in handsomely on the headphone maker's expected acquisition by Apple. The impending windfall goes to show why investors have been eager to back wearable technology. If you're seeking VC dollars, check out TechCrunch’s infographic to see which firms have been the biggest spenders in the space. --TechCrunch

4. Net Neutrality News

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler released a new draft of proposed rules for broadband Internet. It would ban paid prioritization--the notion of companies paying providers for a fast lane. --WSJ

5. #PrimeTimeTV

ABC greenlighted a comedy pilot for the upcoming season called Selfie, about a self-obsessed twentysomething woman more concerned with "likes" than being liked. --Business Insider

6. Happy Small Business Week?

National Small Business Week is kicking off with some friction amid the festivities. Criticism on Capitol Hill is rising over the Small Business Administration's spending too much on unproven pilot programs and too little on helping small businesses. --Inc.com