1. The Great No-Poaching Scandal Continues

Add eBay to the list of large Silicon Valley companies that signed secret and illegal "no poach" agreements for engineers with Apple, Google, Adobe, and others. The agreements helped those companies prevent bidding wars for valuable employees, and kept engineer wages down. EBay has agreed to pay the Department of Justice $3.75 million to settle the case.--RawStory

2. New Rules on Data Collection 

The White House issued a set of recommendations aimed at preventing businesses from using data collection methods that may abuse consumers. Many tech companies are voicing their opposition, asserting that the recommendations--some of which still would need congressional approval--will stifle innovation and job growth.--Bloomberg

3. Remembering Aaron Swartz

The first trailer for The Internet's Own Boy, which profiles the late programming prodigy and Internet activist Aaron Swartz, was just released. The documentary, which depicts Swartz's evolution from a precocious boy into a Web pioneer, received rave reviews at the Sundance Film Festival.--Rolling Stone

4. More Viral Vines

Good news for those hoping to have their Vine videos discovered: The video platform released an update that allows anyone--not just Vine users--to search the website and mobile ap for videos.--Wired