1. The Credit Game

Are your employees feeling taken for granted? When people focus on only their accomplishments, they tend to deny the contributions of others. Time to build an "appreciation culture" and show some gratitude. --HBR 

2. Shipping News

Children's and women's fashion retailer Zulily buys merchandise only after customers place an order. The company says it's a more efficient model and allows Zulily to sell unique goods and "control the customer experience." But it also means customers wait an average of 11.5 days to receive orders, which analysts say eventually will hurt growth. It's a good reminder to ask yourself if you really know what makes your customers happy. --WSJ

3. Valuation Trap

Don't envy those hot startups' high valuations. VC Fred Wilson says they can give startups no exit options except for an IPO or an unlikely acquisition by a deep-pocketed buyer. With the IPO market appearing to dry up, Wilson says these companies have "some hard choices in the coming months." --AVC

4. The Brain-Butt Connection

Sitting all day can hurt your back, your waistline, your heart. . . and, research now suggests, your brain. A study from Michigan State University found that individuals who are out of shape tend to have worse long-term memories than their fitter counterparts. --VentureBeat