1. The Bitcoin Bandwagon

Payments startup Square announced that it now accepts Bitcoin transactions. Meanwhile, new rules from the IRS released last week make using Bitcoin more complicated than understanding how the heck the crypto currency even works.--Square 

2. Hiring High

Don't say you're not curious. Here's a rundown of how legalized marijuana can affect your recruiting efforts. Needless to say, the effect of a pot-friendly state is going to depend on who you're trying to recruit.--Ere.net

3. Speeding up the Interwebs

The Federal Communications Commission just voted to open an additional 100 megahertz of wireless spectrum, meaning Wi-Fi networks will be less congested. Yes, you have that right--your Wi-Fi is on track to get faster.--VentureBeat

4. Future of Virtual Reality

As the world speculates what Facebook will do with it's $2 billion baby Oculus VR, one big company already uses the virtual reality tech in a cool way: Apparently, Ford has used Oculus' technology for years to virtually explore "the exterior and interior designs of cars that don't exist in the physical world, at least, not yet."--PopSci

5. ACA Deadline Glitches

Obamacare's March 31 enrollment deadline was plagued by zero-hour technical glitches that brought down HealthCare.Gov for several hours Monday morning and slowed registration to a crawl for much of the day as web volume hit a record 1.6 million visits yesterday. The White House estimates that nearly 7 million Americans will have applied for health insurance when all is said and done, but an extension for those shut out yesterday may be necessary.--Wall Street Journal

6. April Foogle

Google went after April Fool's Day 2014 early and hard with "Google Maps: Pokemon Challenge," a recruiting video seeking the world's most industrious Pokemon hunters that garnered 2.6 million views in 19 hours. The best part: iOs and Android users of Google Maps can enter the quest to find 150 Pokemon species lurking globally.--YouTube