1. Shortcut to Mastering Anything

The 10,000-hour rule gets a lot of attention, but most of the time you need to pick up new skills a lot faster. Here are seven tips for mastering things in a hurry by training yourself to always practice them the right way.--The Week

2. No Shortage of Self-Esteem Here

It's official: Engineers are pretty pumped about their lot in life. In a recent survey of 1,000 software developers, 91 percent said they feel they are the "most valued" employees at their company, and more than half believed they will become millionaires.--Re/code 

3. Cautionary Tale 

You think you've had bad days on social media? Take a look at the boiling hot water US Airways is in after someone at the company tweeted a lewd image in response to a customer. The company has deleted the tweet, apologized, and stated it is investigating the source, but this will be one for the "social media disaster" books.--Mashable 

4. Will Pay to Unplug

Google and Volkswagen both have implemented policies to let their employees temporarily unplug from technology, but soon you can also expect that a number of companies will offer that option to consumers, according to brand consultant Ian Wood. Wood points to hotels with strict no-digital policies and brands that are increasingly finding other ways to stem the technological deluge, an idea that your own customers might appreciate.--VentureBeat