1. Unwearables

Hardware founders take note: Naveen Selvadurai, the co-founder of Foursquare, isn't convinced the future of tech is all wearable. "What if we didn't have to/weren't meant to carry our technology with us as we moved around town? What if the technology was actually already in the room when we got there? Maybe that's the kind of Internet-of-things that will be more sustainable and will win long-term." Selvadurai has a name for this tech, by the way: "there-ables."--X.naveen.com

2. Bonus Behavior

Maybe it's time to ditch the sales bonuses. Deirdre Connelly, president of North America Pharmaceuticals at GlaxoSmithKline, says bonuses should incentivize more than selling. "Ultimately every leader knows that you get the behavior you reward," Connelly writes. If you create a business that incentivizes people to do good and make customers happy, you'll create more value.--HBR 

3. The Digital Divide

Moleskine's dive into digital is a lesson in what can happen when a decidedly offline brand tries to go online. Known for its trendy (or pretentious, depending on who you ask) notebooks, Moleskine has tried to branch out online, with moderate success. The luxury brand is still selling its analog notebooks, but its fans aren't all that interested in connecting online. Go figure.--The New Yorker

4. Clean Slate

If your smartphone is a mobile trove of your most valuable personal and professional data, take comfort in knowing that by 2015, all new phones will come with a "kill switch." Apple, Google, Samsung, and Microsoft have agreed to equip phones with a system that will allow them to be wiped remotely.--CNN 

5. The Honest Selfie

Do you spend your time online wisely? If you really want to know, check out the Surfkoll tool, which will tell you just how much time you spend where.--Fast Company