1. Friend Request: Denied

Newly released documents show that Facebook declined to join a secret society of Silicon Valley elite--including Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe Systems among others--accused of colluding to suppress wages by actively not poaching each other's employees in the 2000s. Thank goodness for nonconformist new entrants.--Wall Street Journal

2. Innovation, Recycled

SpaceX stirred the scientific (and YouTube) community into a frenzy late Friday when it posted a drone-shot video of a Falcon 9 Reusable rocket taking off from a test site, hovering at 250 meters, then returning to its launch site. Reusing rockets--rather than building afresh for each mission--could give SpaceX a significant competitive advantage.--YouTube

3. Boston Strong

On the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, it's moving to hear one entrepreneur's experience of the event. In a Medium post that's going viral, Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley recaps the moments when he ran the marathon, lost his wife, searched for his parents, and fielded frantic phone calls from reporters and friends. It's a compelling read, and an honest glimpse at the things that move--and go beyond--business, namely those whom you care about.--Medium

4. Do Good, Do Well

Want to help the world's poor? If you're running a startup, you're in better position than large companies. Mal Warwick and Paul Polak, co-authors of The Business Solution to Poverty, write that entrepreneurs are better poised to bring technology products and services to the billions of people in the world living in poverty than big corporations. "The reason is that multinationals face the constant temptation to apply their substantial resources to extend the reach of their existing businesses, rather than starting from scratch. Entrepreneurs, by contrast, start from scratch almost by definition," the duo write.--Harvard Business Review

5. Airbnb in Court

Airbnb will appear in a New York court this week to contest a massive subpoena of host records tied to a suit contending that bad actors are using the service to operate as large-scale rental operations.--TechCrunch 

6. New Level Unlocked

If you want to boost your performance at work, try taking up some new hobbies during your off hours. A new study from San Francisco State University finds that creative activities--anything from writing short stories even to playing video games--have a "direct effect on factors such as creative problem solving and helping others while on the job."--Lifehacker