1. Words of Wisdom

In case there is any doubt about what makes up a company's foundation, here's what Peter Thiel had to say when he gave Airbnb $150 million in Series C funding: "Don't f*ck up the culture."--Medium

2. Hard Problems to Solve

Why can't companies stop repeating the same socially-irresponsible mistakes--think environmental and labor disasters--of the past? Through research for a recent book about her experience as an executive at BP, Christine Bader has found it's a combination of three things: greed, poor internal communication, and a fundamental lack of understanding of what corporate responsibility really means.--The Atlantic

3. Ask Them Anything

Reddit's popular AMA--Ask Me Anything--series is on a bit of an entrepreneurship kick today. At 10 a.m. est, there's Brooklyn Brewery founder Steve Hindy; Tim O'Reilly, founder of O'Reilly Media takes the keyboard at 1 p.m., and Steve Case is slated for 3:30.--Reddit calendar 

4. Showdown at High Court

Today, New York City startup Aereo is appearing before the U.S. Supreme Court, defending itself against a challenge from a group of major TV broadcasters, including ABC/Disney, CBS, NBC, and Fox, among others. It's a case that could have broad implications for both the future of cloud computing and the future of American broadcast television. A decision is expected this summer.--Inc.com

5. Good Reason to Get Outside

Outside Interactive founder Gary McNamee got the idea for his startup during mile 21 of the Boston Marathon--in 2010. The company, which makes the "Virtual Runner" app that helps treadmill runners feel like they're outside running the Boston Marathon, officially opened its doors Monday. The lesson? Make time for leisure--it might spur your next idea.--Boston Business Journal

6. A Founder Departs

GitHub President Tom Preston Werner is leaving the company he helped found, despite being cleared in an internal harassment investigation. Consider it another reminder of the importance of a healthy work environment.--Re/code

7. Second Helping of Silicon Valley Satire

Good news--well, depending on who you ask: HBO's Silicon Valley was renewed for a second season. While the satirical sitcom has elicited mixed reviews from entrepreneurs in the Valley, millions from across the country have been tuning in to watch Richard's kooky startup story.--The Verge 

8. Apple Payments

It looks like the mobile payment space may get even more crowded. Apple reportedly has been meeting with potential job applicants in preparation for the launch of its own payment platform built around the millions of credit cards the company already has on file through the iTunes and Apple store. The move by the tech giant might make it harder for startups to navigate the space.--Re/code