1. Class-Action Settlement

Apple, Google, Adobe, and Intel have agreed to pay $324 million to settle a lawsuit accusing them of conspiring to drive down Silicon Valley wages by agreeing not to actively recruit each others’ employees. Trial was set to begin in May on behalf of 64,000 employees.--AP

2. Vote of Confidence

Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens came out today in favor of legalizing marijuana, saying it was not really that different from alcohol, and social attitudes about it have changed. Good news for the legal pot businesses.--The Hill

3. Going Highbrow

Taco Bell is introducing an upscale alter ego called U.S. Taco. The Mexican-inspired restaurant opens this summer in Huntington Beach, California, but it won't sell burritos, Doritos Loco, or taco waffles; instead it will turn out hipster-friendly fare such as alcoholic milkshakes and Southern-fried chicken. Will the company pull off the branding feat? Watch to find out.--BusinessWeek

4. SBA Alert

If exports are a part of your business, you should know that there's $8 million in SBA funding waiting for you and your exporting brethren. The State Trade and Export Promotion Grant Program announced this week that these funds would be available for the third straight year. Applications are due May 20.--SBA

5. Patent Reform

The Senate is reportedly close to reaching an agreement on patent reform. It's long overdue, according to Michael McGeary, cofounder of the research foundation Engine, who said that $61 billion was lost in 2010 due to patent-troll lawsuits. Additionally, patent trolls were responsible for 58 percent of all patent lawsuits in 2012.--VentureBeat

6. Tesla vs. Regulators

The Aereo case got the week off to a rough start for entrepreneurs, but Tesla, at least, caught a break from D.C. yesterday. In a blog post, the FTC urged state regulators not to shut down Tesla just because the company refuses to use dealership networks. Instead, the FTC said Tesla's model could come to benefit consumers, but that its ultimate fate should be decided by competition, not lobbying.--The Verge