1. Scamming the Crowd?

Pando Daily reports that in the last six months two companies--TellSpec, which is developing a food scanner, and Healbe, a calorie-counting watch--may have tried to scam crowdfunders on Indiegogo. After raising hundreds of thousands of dollars, the campaigns' tecnological claims have come under scrutiny. Indiegogo, which says it uses fraud-detecting algorithms to protect against dubious campaigns, reportedly claims it doesn't see any red flags. Still, fraud suspicions raise the question of just how open crowdfunding platforms can afford to be.--Pando Daily

2. Vox to the People

Just a little more than two months after journalist Ezra Klein officially left the Washington Post to pursue his own media startup, he launched Vox Media Sunday night. Vox is a prime example of a functioning work in progress. In a blog post Klein explained the reason for the quick launch, saying that he figured the best way to learn how to run the site was to just launch it.--Vox

3. Home Shopping Re-Worked

Over the weekend, Amazon announced its plans to offer a handheld device to shoppers so they can more easily order groceries and other goods from home, according to the Journal's Digits blog. The device, which resembles a wand, is called Dash and can scan product product barcodes; users can also speak the name of goods into a microphone to order from AmazonFresh. For now the hardware is being piloted among a number of Amazon Prime Fresh participants in Los Angeles and San Francisco, but expect other small businesses to hop on the bandwagon soon if the program succeeds.--WSJ Digits

4. Free Speech Debate

The resignation last Thursday of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich has sparked a fierce debate about freedom of speech and diversity of viewpoints in Silicon Valley, and prompted a fresh boycott of the Firefox browser.--Associated Press

5. Did Someone Say Something About Diversity?

The tech industry's problem: the sexist, alpha-male culture continues. According to a Harvard Business School study, 56 percent of women who join the tech industry leave by mid-career. What is your company doing to make sure it's welcoming to women?--The New York Times