1. Decoding VCs

Looking for venture capital to fund your startup? Hunter Walk, who is a partner at seed stage venture fund Homebrew, broke down what funding a company means to the investor: It's one of two to three investments he or she will make this year. Your challenge? Convince them you're "worth the opportunity cost of using one of those 'slots.'"--Hunter Walk's blog

2. Special Delivery

Uber is finally getting into the delivery game, as Inc. writer Christine Lagorio-Chafkin previously speculated it would. It's debuting UberRush, a fairly limited bicycle-messenger service, in Manhattan Tuesday, which is a big sign about the direction in which the company may be headed.--Vox

3. Poaching, Silicon Valley Style

Education tech company, Remind101, snagged Josh Wiseman a former engineering director at Facebook to work at the startup. How? By attracting him with a product and a cause he believed in. Take note, startups.--PandoDaily

4. Private Eyes

More than 70 percent of Americans say they're going to refrain from using Google Glass because of privacy concerns, according to a new study from market research firm Toluna. This is something Google and other wearable tech companies will need to address when bringing their products to market. They might what to take a lesson from Fitbit, which once allowed users to inadvertently publish their sexual activity data online; after addressing the situation, the company recovered and went on to ship hundreds of thousands of units.--AdWeek

5. Haiku, Anyone?

These days consultants employ all sorts of off-the-wall tactics. Take Massachusetts-based consultancy Biondolillo Associates, which uses poetry exercises to build teams. "You're learning where people come from emotionally, and what makes them tick," founder Steve Biondolillo says.--BostInno

6. The Gender Debate Behind Job Listings

If you're looking to attract the widest pool of talented women, be extra careful how you word your company's job listings. A new study finds that women tend not to apply to positions that sound too "masculine" by including words like "assertive," "aggressive," and "analytical."--Slate

7. Acquisition Watch

According to insiders, the next startup on Google's buy list could be microsatellite startup Skybox Imaging, which sells hi-res imagery to businesses. The California-based company is only 5 years old, but some believe it could help Google with its plans to continue cataloging the world.--The Information

8. 'This Is Facebook Calling...'

Of the 25 million small businesses on Facebook, a mere 1 million are advertisers. The social network recently convened an "SMB council"--consisting of 12 of those 1 million--to solicit feedback on how to improve its advertising offerings. In addition, Facebook is performing phone outreach, to learn more from customers whose ads are underperforming.--AdAge 

9. Blending In 

The Bay Area's Blue Bottle Coffee is acquiring Tonx, an online subscription coffee service that can help it expand its reach beyond store fronts. "The big picture is that we have this round of investment and money buys stuff," Blue Bottle founder and CEO James Freeman tells Wired, referring to the nearly $26 million his company raised recently. The move will surely help Blue Bottle create a larger presence in the hot (no pun intended) brewed coffee industry. Your move, roasters.--Wired