1. Boston's Booming

Boston startups secured more than $1.2 billion in venture financing in 142 deals for the most recent quarter, according to a CB Editorial study. That's the best quarter the city's tech startups have seen since 2009. Wayfair, an online furnishing retailer, raised $157 million ahead of its planned initial public offering, while the biotech, clean technology, and life sciences industries landed most of the financing.--TechCrunch 

2. Food for Thought

Sheryl Sandberg makes a darn good point in an interview about her campaign against "bossy": "Next time you're about to call a little girl bossy, say instead that she has executive leadership skills. Everyone laughs. But then I say, think about saying that a boy has executive leadership skills. Nobody laughs. It's not funny! What that points out is how different our expectations are about boys and girls."--San Jose Mercury News 

3. Time to Hire a Pro

Penalties related to employment taxes cost businesses $4.5 billion for the 12-month period ending last September, according to the IRS. Small businesses are especially likely to file incorrectly because they are not as well equipped as large companies to keep up with continually changing regulations.--Businessweek

4. Show Me the Money--and the Advice

You don't just want the money. According to a recently published Wharton School of Business survey of 126 startup tech executives, most companies want investors to be able to offer operational advice and help more than they want huge valuations or big-name venture capitalists. If you're looking for capital, make sure they can show you the ropes and not just the money.--Knowledge@Wharton

5. Another Kind of March Madness Bracket

The University of Connecticut may have won the annual NCAA basketball tournament, but it's Comcast who won Consumerist's 4th Annual Worst Company in America Tournament, narrowly defeating Monsanto in the finals. On most days, you may sit there thinking about what it would take to grow your business from SMB size to Fortune 2000 level. On others, you can sit back and be grateful for all the ways that your SMB status (and, of course, your ethical behavior) shields you from infamy.--Consumerist  

6. Browser Beware

More details have emerged about a password-stealing encryption bug that was discovered on several websites yesterday. The bug, called Heartbleed, was found on Airbnb, Pinterest, and Creative Commons (to name a few), and though many of these companies have announced fixes, beware: lingering security issues still persist.--Mashable

7. The Programmers Are Coming

New York's tech workforce is booming--so say studies, at least--and two companies with announcements this morning are aiming to help companies find the programmers they desperately need. Hired.com is launching in New York City to match developers and employers, and The Flatiron School, which educates Web developers and software engineers, is getting an infusion of cash to grow.--Inc.com