1. The Return of the Bank Loan

Bank lending increased by $37 billion in the first three months of 2014, the biggest first quarter increase since 2008, according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. And financial institutions are making more loans to companies than to consumers, because they're a safer bet. Maybe it's finally time to talk to your banker.--CNN Money

2. Good Week for Music Startups

While everyone waited for Apple to buy Beats this week, another company in the music industry was getting busy: Shazam, the music identification app, landed a host of investments from the world's biggest record companies. Warner Music Group owner Access Industries, Vivendi's Universal Music Group, and Sony Music Entertainment each took a $3 million stake in Shazam, which is valued at $500 million. Take note, music startups: a business model that goes beyond simply streaming songs is valuable indeed.--The Wall Street Journal

3. Courting Corporate VCs

Don't be surprised if your company's next financing round comes from a corporate VC such as Intel Capital rather than one of Sand Hill Road's old-line firms. A study by CB Insights finds 83 active corporate VCs in the most recent quarter, a 46 percent percent jump from two years ago. Google Ventures, Intel, Mitsui, SAP, and Cisco did the most deals.--CB Insights

4. Tweet Nothing But the Truth

A team of international scientists have embarked on an unusual project: They're working on a lie detector for social media. It could have big implications if it works, effectively putting an end to fake tweets and business reviews. "If everything can be verified, there's no use in hiding behind our [online] personas," says one social media analyst about the project.--VentureBeat