1. Data Leak

Richard Anstey, CTO of Intralink, found a vulnerability in the "share" links Box and Dropbox customers use to send big files that exposes URLs to unsecured document folders. Anstey found a man's tax return, a company's business plan, and 300 other documents via Google Adwords. If you're storing sensitive documents on either cloud storage service, check out Graham Cluley's blog for how to secure them.--Graham Cluley

2. Eureka! (Again.) 

John Goscha, an entrepreneur who made Inc.'s 30 under 30 list in 2009 for IdeaPaint--a paint product that turns any surface into a dry-erase board--is back with another big idea. This week Goscha publicly launched the Finally Light Bulb Company, which makes an efficient 60-watt bulb that retails for $9.99. Reebok founder Paul Fireman has already invested. It just goes to show lightning can strike twice.--Boston Business Journal 

3. Pandora's New Money Maker

The Internet jukebox announced the beta launch of "Promoted Stations" to better serve advertisers by providing curated stations from brands. Marketers will get data on listeners, and artists will get another way to connect with brands. On deck so far: Toyota, Taco Bell, and Bacardi.--Billboard

4. Moonshot Out of Google

Flux, a San Francisco-based startup that makes collaboration software for the construction industry, announced it raised $8 million in funding. It's the first company to successfully strike out on its own from Google's innovation lab Google X.--VentureBeat

5. Batten Down the Hatches

The National Climate Assessment, a massive report on climate change released late Tuesday, shows the forecast for the near future to be, well, stormy: more erratic weather patterns, heat waves, torrential rain, the works. Not good news for the thousands of businesses that cited weather as a factor in lower sales last quarter.--The New York Times

6. Priorities

In a post about getting your priorities straight, GGV Capital managing partner Glenn Solomon said you should be thinking about your IPO from day one--otherwise it might be too late. "Build something that's going to work for years and years," Solomon writes. "That's what you need to do to go public."--First Round Review