1. A Tale of Two Exits

In a wide-ranging interview, Union Square Ventures VC Fred Wilson mused on why the startup world reacted more enthusiastically to Instagram's billion-dollar sale to Facebook than it did to Tumblr's billion-dollar sale to Yahoo. His take: Instagram soared to popularity and then sold in the span of 24 months, while Tumblr (backed by Union Square Ventures) spent six years struggling to become an independent business. "It was maybe a little bit like what could've been," said Wilson. "Maybe it could’ve ended up going public and being worth five or 10 times what it sold for."--Business Insider

2. New Front in the Minimum-Wage Battle

An upcoming referendum in Switzerland should add a bit of perspective to the ongoing debate over increasing the minimum wage in the U.S. On May 18, Swiss voters will decide whether to set the national rate at 22 francs per hour, the equivalent of about $25.--Bloomberg

3. Phone-Interview Help

If you're interviewing job candidates over the phone, take a look at some of these simple tips. Though they're meant to pump up job candidates, the advice could also help make hiring managers less nervous and more approachable.--Mashable