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Applicant of the Week: MonaVie

How this producer of health drinks has gotten the attention of celebs like Rachel Ray, and is saving the rainforest one acai berry at a time.

Applicant of the Week: Johnny Cupcakes

How a 26-year-old college drop-out created a multi-million dollar t-shirt business with no business plan, no advertising, and no investors.

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Applicant of the Week: Kimpton Hotel and Restaurant Group

Bill Kimpton continues to grow his portfolio of boutique hotels through stellar customer care and eco-friendly practices.

Applicant of the Week: Mary's Gone Crackers

Entrepreneur Mary Waldner's gluten allergy led her to start a cracker company.

Hiring Now!

The unemployment numbers are bleak, but a few entrepreneurs are beating the odds—and beefing up their staff.

These Small Business Owners Love Obama's Stimulus

Some Inc. 500|5000 CEOs are in the right industries to benefit from the President's emergency funds.

Applicant of the Week: Attack! Marketing and Promotions

Three friends use guerrilla marketing techniques to take their agency to the next level.

In a Recession, It's Fun and Games

Despite recession, 2008 was a banner year for the gaming industry.

Spotlight: The 2008 Inc. 5000

The Eliason brothers took up the family passion for real estate in a very focused way: They specialize in tenant-in-common deals, in which investors buy fractional interests in properties as a way of transferring tax-deferred gains from other investments.

How Vizio Hit it Big

Vizio's William Wang produces flat-screen TVs that combine low prices and high quality.

Spotlight: The 2008 Inc. 5000

Omar Sayed knows what it takes to build a small business on the Web. His company, Succeed Corp., has helped more than 50,000 small businesses find their footing in cyberspace.

Cashing In on Clean Technology

Despite the credit crunch and falling oil prices, venture capitalists say green energy is still a good bet.

Spotlight: The 2008 Inc. 500

Ralph Gaines of BeBetter Networks runs wellness programs that earned $14 million in revenue in 2007.

What It Takes to Survive a Recession

Doom-and-gloom economics are haunting small-business owners this year. Find out how well-positioned entrepreneurs plan to ride out tough times.

Spotlight: The 2008 Inc. 5000

Gary Lin is taking full advantage of global marketing by helping Glispa, his New York City-based agency, hit $25.5 million in 2007 by courting clients on three continents.

Can You Get an SBA Loan?

The Small Business Administration has come under fire for not lending more at a time when business owners need cash the most. We asked an Inc. 5000 SBA lender for his opinion about changes the agency is making to help small companies survive the recession.

How I Did It: The 2008 Inc. 5000

See how Michael Brown and Jacques Sinoncelli, through their company Greenline Industries, plan to fight poverty (and making money) by bringing biodiesel production to Africa.

Does Detroit Deserve a Bailout?

A Big Three collapse could cripple many small businesses with ties to the automotive industry. We asked several Inc. 500|5000 CEOs for their opinions about a possible bailout and how it may affect their companies.

How I Did It: The 2008 Inc. 5000

See how Rick Alden launched his headphone company, Skullcandy, by using grass-roots marketing to gain the support of a community of boarders, surfers, and skaters.

We Went Public

It's not an easy process, but the CEOs of these Inc. 5000 companies believe it was worth it.

How I Did It: The 2008 Inc. 5000

See how Matt Rutledge launched based on a simple concept: The site would sell only one product a day until the inventory ran out or the clock struck midnight, whichever came first.

Rethinking Minority Business

Population trends and globalization are making the United States even more of a melting pot and putting the Inc. 5000 top 10 minority CEOs ahead of the curve.

How I Did It: The 2008 Inc. 5000

See how Joe Bekker, founder of Thrustmaster, turned a string of bad events into good fortune. As the economy slumps, Bekker's company is experiencing its strongest growth in 28 years.

Invest in Your Employees' Health

Try some of these innovative approaches to successful workplace wellness programs.

How I Did It: The 2008 Inc. 5000

See how Nicole Loftus launched Zorch, a business that is challenging the tired ways of the $19 billion promotional products industry.

The Do's and Dont's of Dorm Room Enterprise

Thinking about starting a college business? Learn from these Inc. 5000 CEOs that did it big.

Products: What Does That Do?

Have a guess. Looks can be deceiving when it comes to these products from Inc. 500 companies.

There Will Be Blood Testing

And Inc. 5000 company Rules-Based Medicine is succeeding by doing it more efficiently and more cheaply.

Is Outsourcing to China Over?

A growing number of American manufacturers seem to be profiting from anti-outsourcing backlash.

From Victim of the Iranian Revolution to CEO of an Inc. 5000 Company

At the age of 12, Shahin Azizi used his entrepreneurial skills to save his family. Now, he's living the American dream.

The Power of Older Workers

As the labor force shrinks, Inc. 5000 companies find that hiring retirees can be the key to success.

The Business of Iraq

A lot of American contractors have done very well during the Iraq war. What happens if it ends?

A Notorious Icon of the First Dotcom Bubble Returns

Phil Kaplan parodied the early dotcoms; now he's got his own, and it's one of the fastest growing private companies in America.

Grrrrl Power: The Top 10 Woman-Owned Companies in America

Millions of women entrepreneurs are making an enormous impact on the American economic landscape.

Going Green Isn't Just about Doing Good

It's also smart business for a lot of companies on the Inc. 5000.

Whatever It Takes

The No. 1 company, Senior Whole Health, shows us the human version of managed care.

When the Boss is an Adrenaline Junkie

Forget drinking scotch and smoking foreign cigars. These Inc. 5000 CEOs savor their success with speed and sweat.