The Engines of the Economy

The Inc. 5000 created 370,592 jobs in the last three years. Find out which companies have the most employees, those that have added the most jobs, the industries fueling the economy with job growth, and more.

Top 10 Job Creators by State and City
These top 10 cities and states are driving the U.S. economy by adding the most jobs.

Median Number of People Employed by the Inc. 5000 in 2011


A Celebration of Inc. 500 Workers
A business is only as good as its people—and that’s especially true for lean, fast-growing companies. Here’s a look at eight dedicated workers from this year’s Inc. 500 .

20 Companies. 30 Years. 575,457 Jobs
Most economists agree that fast-growth start-ups create the bulk of the nation's new jobs. Here's how some of the superstar Inc. 500 companies of the past decades have performed on that count.