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Harvard Management Professor: What Your Team Is Really Afraid of

Your employees are probably less freaked out by change than you realize, Robert Kaplan says.

Gilt Groupe Founder: You Don't Have to Be CEO

Being CEO isn't always the most exciting thing you can do at your company, Alexis Maybank says.

How MakerBot Gave Entrepreneurs Permission to Innovate

Bre Pettis co-founded the 3D printing company, whose machines allow designers to prototype in minutes instead of days. 

Joe Gebbia: How Airbnb Stayed on Mission During Tough Times

Joe Gebbia, co-founder of the accommodations site Airbnb, spoke at Inc.'s GrowCo Conference about the company's quirky strategies for staying afloat early on. 

Shutterstock CEO: I Only Know How to Innovate Through Failure

A large tech company drove Jon Oringer out of business. But that event led him to start his the now 12-year-old Shutterstock.

Adam Grant: Why Helping Others Actually Helps You

Aiding others with their problems makes you better at solving your own, the Wharton professor says.

How Jessica Alba Built the Business She Knew the World Needed

Four years ago, actress Jessica Alba took her pitch for a nontoxic consumer goods startup to Silicon Valley investors. That idea is now The Honest Company, a $1 billion business.

Why You Need to Stop Talking About How Busy You Are

No one ever felt more invigorated after hearing about someone else's crazy schedule, says leadership coach Anese Cavanaugh.

GoDaddy Founder: It Pays to Make Work a Party

After Bob Parsons was granted an unusual perspective one day, he decided to invest thousands of dollars in his company's culture.

Kickstarter's CEO on How to Prepare for the Possibility of Total Failure

Especially during times of crisis, remember that you are not your startup, Yancey Strickler says.

Warby Parker Founder: Why Everyone Should Know Everyone Else's Business

Most employees want to learn new things, and fortunately their colleagues have a lot to teach them, Neil Blumenthal says.

LearnVest CEO: How to Get Great Advisors to Care About Your Startup

When it comes to finding wise 'sherpas,' you get what you give, Alexa von Tobel believes.

Rent the Runway CEO: Starting Up Isn't Really a Risk

We need to stop telling would-be founders the job is too hard for them, Jennifer Hyman says.

How Rent the Runway Made High Fashion Affordable

The designer dress rental company has reached the point where it's now dry cleaning 25,000 units a day. Co-Founder Jennifer Fleiss tells her company's growth story.

Lessons From an Executive Coach: Leading Is About Them, Not You

Here's what one of the top leaders in the world taught author Marshall Goldsmith about managing people.

HubSpot CEO: How to Build a Moat Around Your Business

Think of marketing as your not-so-secret weapon.

How Refinery29 Sparked a Fashion Content Revolution

In an interview with Inc. Features Editor Diana Ransom, Justin Stefano and Philippe von Borries, founders of Refinery29, the up-and-coming platform of all things fashion, explain how the idea for their company came about. 

Lolly Wolly Doodle CEO: Your Business Is Not as Unique as You Think

Even if you're going where no founder has gone before, rest assured, others have been there.

How Richard Branson Serves Up True Competition

The Virgin Group founder says attention to detail is the key to taking on incumbents.

Why Even Wildly Successful People Need Second Opinions

Mint founder Aaron Patzer discusses his decision to intentionally place limits on his own power.

Likeable Media Co-founders: Why Nice Leaders Prevail

Dave and Carrie Kerpen explain the power of authenticity.

Indiegogo CEO: This Is Why Crowdfunding Is So Powerful

There's certainly more than one good reason to start a crowdfunding campaign, but Indiegogo's Slava Rubin says one still trumps all the rest.

Gary Vaynerchuk: The Secret to a Healthy Work-Life Balance

The entrepreneur explains how he reconciles being a founder with being a dad.

Daymond John: How to Avoid Making a $6 Million Mistake

In its early days, the 'Shark Tank' star's company experienced some costly growing pains.

Why the Best Leaders Act Like Symphony Conductors

The best bosses train their teams to steal the show.

Michael Dell: Why His Company Still Has Its Edge After 30 Years

Michael Dell speaks at the Inc. 5000 conference about how he's once again having fun reinventing his now private company.

Zumba's Founder: The Difference Between Leading and Micromanaging

Alberto Perlman oversees thousands of brand representatives. Here's how he maintains just the right level of involvement.

How to Become a Wizard of Intentional Leadership

Anese Cavanaugh, founder and CEO of Dare to Engage, speaks at the Inc. Women's Summit about the magic of 'Intentional Energetic Presence.'

The Morning Ritual That Keeps Mallika Chopra Grounded

You don't have to be a master of meditation to benefit from this simple habit.

Oneforty Founder: Get Picky About Your Social Media Friends

If you're growing a brand-new social media following, focus on building a strong base of fans.

Carol's Daughter CEO: Don't Compromise on Your Authenticity

Carol's Daughter Lisa Price explains the touchy process of inviting outsiders to help own your voice.

A Platform for Success: Behind the Rise of Global Crowdfunding Company Kickstarter

Yancey Strickler, co-founder of Kickstarter, sat down for a live chat with Inc. senior writer Christine Lagorio to explain how he's changed as a CEO, what makes a crowdfunding campaign successful, and the future of the business.

An Entrepreneur's Guide to Taking Over the Family Business

Jessica Johnson, president of Johnson Security Bureau, speaks at the Inc. Women's Summit about taking over her family's business amidst her father's failing health.

The Executive Coach's Guide to Hacking Leadership

Marshall Goldsmith, executive coach and author, speaks at the Inc. 5000 conference about how to dramatically improve your leadership skills for a stronger business and a happier life.

Warby Parker Founder: How to Turn Positive Press Into Sales

Your goal is to become dinner table conversation, Neil Blumenthal says.

How to Harness Your Worries into a Productivity Pile Driver

The brain of an entrepreneur never stops, but it can work against you.

Why Smart People Have Trouble Learning Leadership

Harvard Business professor Robert Kaplan says the brightest people to work the hardest at leadership skills.

How to Quantify the Quality of Your Company Culture

For such an important part of your business, it's awfully hard to evaluate.

This Organizational Strategy Can Help You Accomplish Even the Most Daunting Tasks

When everything is a priority, how do you know what to do first?

Why Marcus Lemonis Requires His Employees to Volunteer and You Should Too

Volunteering is good for the soul, and can be good for your company too.

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