Once you understand the type of search options that are available, you'll need to identify your on-site search requirements.

Determine Your Search Preference
You'll need to decide which search options you want to offer, based on how you think your visitors will search your site and the information you already have and plan to feature on it. For example, if you feature a product catalog on your site, do you want your users to be able to search for simple product attributes, such as brand, model, and price range, or look for product features?

Evaluate Your Technology Needs
Consider your current level of technical expertise in-house. Do you have the capacity to build or adapt your own solution, or do you need a turnkey solution for your on-site search engine? Think about where your Web site is currently hosted, your data platform, and how much storage space you have. Consider the number of pages you want to search and how large your site is likely to grow. Decide whether you want to index your files locally or remotely and whether you want to enable more complex searching capabilities, such as multiples queries, date ranges, multiple data formats, and stemming. Make a list of your needs to compare your search engine options.

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