Search engines list sites based on keywords that you can embed in your HTML code. Below is a list of different places in your site where the placement of keywords can improve your rank in search engines.

  • Keywords in the < TITLE > tag(s.) Sometimes you gain an advantage by including more than one < TITLE > tag on a single page.
  • Keywords in the < META NAME="DESCRIPTION" > tag
  • Keywords in the < META NAME="KEYWORD" > tag
  • Keywords in < H1 > to < H6 > headline tags
  • Keywords in the links on your site. For example, < A HREF="" > your keyword phrase here < /A >. To better clarify, why make the words "click here" the activated link unless you want to attain a high ranking on "click" or "here"?
  • Keywords in the body copy and content of your site
  • Keywords in ALT tags -- Web designers use this tag to describe the contents of a picture that hasn't finished loading or to describe a picture that you would be looking at if you had not opted to turn the graphics off on your Web browser. A recent study showed that a surprising number of people, perhaps as high as 25%, still browse the Web with the graphics off because of slow connections or slow computers.
  • Keywords contained in the URL or page file name, for example,

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