The House Intelligence Committee is holding a closed meeting today to determine which amendments to attach to the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA). The bill, which would allow companies such as Facebook and Tumblr to share user intelligence with the government in the case of a cyber-threat, has been widely opposed by privacy activists. 

The committee will "back a handful of amendments," reported The Hill, in order for the bill to properly protect the privacy of American people while detering cyber attacks. According to the privacy activists, in its previous form, CISPA did not provide enough oversight as to the appropriate usage of the user-intelligence. The information could have been used by government agencies for purposes other than cyber-security matters, they claimed, such as tracking illegal immigrants.   

Alexis Ohanian, founder of Reddit, is a big advocate of 'Open Internet' and has campaigned against the passage of CISPA. Facebook withdrew its support of CISPA this March.

In addition to Reddit and Facebook, more than 30,000 websites now oppose CISPA. 

Due to the privacy concerns that are at the corner of the CISPA opposition, President Barack Obama threatened to veto the bill last year after it passed the House. The bill died in the Senate. It is expected that the bill will once again pass the House when it is put to a vote as early as next week, reported The Hill.   

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