Inventing the next big thing isn't always about passion.

Sometimes it's about the non-romantic things that need an upgrade, writes Matt Linderman in a blog post for 37 Signals. Linderman is the creator of Vooza, a weekly web-video comic strip about the start-up world. 

"The problem with the 'follow your passion' chorus," he says, is that "we can't all love the products we work with. Someone has to do the jobs and sell the things that don’t seem sexy, but make the world go round.

"Instead of working with a thing you love, think about how to work in a way you love." 

In other words, find meaning in what you're doing--and helping your customers.

"Get joy from making a customer's day," he urges. "Surround yourself with the kind of people and environment that keep you engaged."

He adds, "It might not be the romantic idea of 'passion,' but if it provides you with sustainable joy and profit that you can count on, you’ll still be way ahead of the curve--and have extra resources and free time to spend doing whatever you want."