Almost all employees appreciate feedback about their job performance. What they are doing well, how they can do better, and maybe even the steps they need to take to get a promotion.

A well-done review takes time; time for you to evaluate how your employee is performing to his or her goals (you do give him or her goals, right?), and time is a precious commodity. Not to mention that if your employee's work needs some improvement, his or her review can be uncomfortable to give, and your passive-aggressive side might just want to bypass the conversation altogether. But if you don't tell your employees exactly how they're doing, they may think they're doing just fine, when in fact that may not be the case.

Reviews help guide you to develop people in their jobs. If you take the time to develop them, your business should only get better, right? And if you develop them, it means you're able to delegate stuff you may be doing now to them, right?

At my email marketing company, VerticalResponse, we have quarterly reviews. Our reviews do two things:

  1. Keep on us track for getting things done
  2. Force us to think about goals that need to be met for us to grow

We have our employees write self-reviews, and then their managers do an assessment. They meet and talk about how they each came to their ratings.

What I like about it? There's no ambiguity, and it's all in the goal setting. There's no waiting until the end of the year to tell someone he or she is either not up to snuff or he or she is doing great and can be promoted now. It's a collaborative effort that facilitates healthful, respectful conversations all along the way.

What can you gain from this? The obvious is more satisfied employees, because they get frequent, specific, goal-related feedback about their performance. More satisfied employees usually result in better retention rates--a win-win. Plus, you won't be one of those managers who don't know what your employees do regularly, and in their minds don't care.

Do you do regular reviews? What positive outcomes have you experienced? Share in the comments.

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