Ater 11 years of living in an apartment in downtown San Francisco, I recently moved. It was time. After all those years, I had to do some serious purging and get rid of the old and bring in some new. Both parts were fun for me. Especially since I'm a real online shopper.

Enter The Best Shopping Cart E-Mail Ever

I wanted to buy a few items from the site AllModern. Did I really need these items? No way. I just thought they were super cool.  So over morning coffee I said to my husband John, "I'm going to buy these two things." Silence. Because it wasn't met with a resounding "Awesome!" I ended up leaving the page and went off to read Mashable and continued my morning routine.

A few hours later, an incredible e-mail arrived in my inbox from AllModern with the subject line: "Does this belong to you?"

AllModern e-mail example

Talk about great copy. I actually went back and purchased the two items, and as it turns out John was just busy with his own inbox and wasn't even paying attention until I showed him.

So, with the holiday retail season in full swing, we should all capitalize on opportunities like this.

If you are able to communicate with people who have items in their shopping cart but haven't purchased, do it now.

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