We all get lots of sales calls and e-mails. Some hit the nail on the head and address a pain point you have and you think to yourself, "Wow, I need that for my business."

Other times you might just think "Really?" There are a few sales tactics that get me annoyed time and time again, so if you're in sales, see if you do any of these tactics and consider what you could change to better resonate with your prospects.

TACTIC #1: The Copy-Paste Email Blast

Hi Janine,

I'd like to tell you about a snazzy new fabu feature in our new WidgetAPP that will save VerticalResponse lots of cash but the revenue will come flying in! How about a quick chat today or tomorrow? I'm available at 333-444-5555! Call me!

Joy Smith, Sales Rep.

Don't copy and paste your sales message after your salutation. First of all, formatting can be different depending on the the e-mail client. This tells me you're lazy and unprofessional. Boo.

Do copy it into text edit, and format it so all the fonts match and tailor it to me.

TACTIC #2 The Never-Gives-Up Approach

Week 1--Recruiter: "Hi, I've got this great candidate." Me: "We're set with recruiters"

Week 2--Recruiter: "Hi, I've got this super great candidate." Me: "Really, we're set with recruiters

Week 3--Recruiter: "Hi, I've got this amazingly super great candidate." Me: "I AM NOT LYING, WE ARE SET WITH RECRUITERS"

You get the gist. The worst thing a salesperson can do is not listen. If you get a call once or twice a year after saying you're all set it's not a big deal because things can change over time. But calling every week after getting a "no" is never going to get the sale. Listening and engagement is key to any relationship especially when you are trying to sell something.

TACTIC #3 The Shame Email

"Hi Janine, I sent you an e-mail last week and didn't hear back from you."

It's annoying when salespeople start off an e-mail like this then they forward the same content from the original email they sent. I get hundreds of e-mails a week at my e-mail marketing company VerticalResponse and frankly I'm pretty good at filtering out what I'm interested in, what I want to unsubscribe from and what I just delete. If you're going to send me another e-mail, don't just send me the same e-mail and don't start off with the notion that I owe you something. #Rude

TACTIC #4 The Sell Up

"My boss is going to be in town on September 16-18 and would love to meet with you from 2-4 either day."

Ok, I get it, Mr. Bigstuff wants a meeting. So he hires someone to set up a meeting when it's convenient for him and thinks his time is more valuable than yours because he doesn't send it himself?

Mr. Bigstuff can easily send e-mails to 100 people for a few-day visit himself or have his hired hand do it in his name.

One of the best tactics I've seen from a salesperson?

"Hi Janine, I've tried and tried and it just doesn't seem to be working at this time. I'll wait a while when the time is right and try you back again."

Boy, did I feel like crap. I e-mailed back and apologized. Sometimes a little guilt goes a long way.

What are your best examples of good and bad sales tactics? Share in the comments.

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