Hiring is a chore, isn't it? You've got to post the job. You've got to make sure you get the word out about the position in an effective way so that you get the right type of people applying. You've got to take the time to screen candidates on the phone. And heaven forbid you find a couple of people who seem to fit the role well, because then you need to meet them face to face, right? And all of this stuff takes a bunch of time you probably don't have. Hence, the necessary evil part.

And it doesn't matter if you've got a small company or a bigger small company; everyone has a ton to do on a daily basis. Everyone grapples with time management. But if you think you have to hire now, you're probably way beyond when you actually should have started.

Here are four things you need to stop doing and start hiring:

1. Stop burning out your staff.

If you keep lumping projects onto your staff who may already be doing the work of three people, you'll just burn them out. Then think of the money you'll need to spend getting someone new in the door to replace the person you just burnt out, and getting them up to speed.

2. Stop being a control freak.

You can't control everything, and as you grow, you need specialists who--yes--actually know things better than you! For example, you can't have a company with $2 million in revenue working off of Quickbooks and want to keep it like that as you grow to a $30 million company. It just won't work. Quickbooks is a nice start, but you need to have someone who understands accounting rules as you get bigger and bigger.

3. Stop procrastinating.

Kicking the proverbial can down the road just means that you won't grow as fast as you want to.

4. Stop freaking out about money.

You've got to invest to grow, right? Think about this: You've got an amazing person who is doing your email marketing, your sales measurement and your social media, and who's also trying to fit in calling leads to get them to convert. What if you hired someone that they can manage whose sole responsibility is to call on leads? This frees your amazing person to now focus more on everything else that drives new leads to your new hire to close. That probably means more customers and more money and higher growth. Simple.

So what are you waiting for? Craigslist is calling.

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