Wait. What a crappy word.

Does anyone actually like waiting? Is a "waiting room" a good place? Is waiting in line fun for anyone? I can't think of anything worth waiting for. Okay, maybe fresh baked bread or a slice of good New York pizza but that's about it.

In my online marketing business VerticalResponse, I live by the minute. Every minute we are around we're bringing in new customers, making sure they're taken care of,  generating revenue and hopefully a profit from it. If one day goes by that we don't do something to drive that specific behavior, that day is lost...forever. That's right, there's no making it up.

It's not an easy concept for people to grasp, especially folks who come from the world of big business to work for us. They're not usually fast moving, and will "wait" to get something perfect rather than do it well, and do it now.

Perfection is overrated. What's perfect? What's "done?" Nothing. Ever.

So my motto is and has always been:

  • Do something, don't wait, even if it's not perfect.
  • Learn from it.
  • Refine it.
  • Make it better.

Do you share this motto and if not, should you?

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