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What Colors Really Mean in Company Logos (Infographic)

The psychology of color... plus some cool information about the cost of logos and the value of brands.

Every year companies spend millions of dollars designing and in many cases re-designing their logos. Color plays a huge part in logo design--but what do those colors mean, and what do they say about your company?

Here's a neat infographic from that shows the attributes associated with various colors.

But it doesn't stop there, also showing the influence of certain logos. Did you know 67% of 2-3 year-old children can correctly match logos to products?

And then it describes how much some logos cost. Did you know the BBC spent $1.8 million on its logo redesign, while Microsoft spent $0?

And the original Twitter bird logo was purchased for $15 (reportedly the original artist received $6.)

Check it out!


How Big Businesses Like Ford or McDonald's Use The Power of Their Logos
Last updated: Jul 28, 2014

JEFF HADEN | Columnist

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