Making money is serious business... until, of course, it's not.

Entrepreneurs should be able to take themselves a lot less seriously than their businesses; that's the assumption of Kirchner Private Capital Group, a traditional merchant bank for early and mid-market companies.

So they put together a short humor book, How Do You Know... If You are an Entrepreneur?, with one-liners and illustrations you can use to determine whether you've truly lived the entrepreneurial life.

Below are some of my favorites. You know you're an entrepreneur if:

  • Your kids report their academic performance to you on a grades versus forecast basis
  • When someone says, "Good question," you know they don't have a clue what the answer might be
  • Most of the experience you've gained came right after you needed it
  • Two steps forward, one step backward is a great day
  • Most of your daily calories come from eating humble pie
  • You look for pessimists to borrow money from... since they are less likely to expect to get it back
  • You consider Red Bull a corporate sponsor
  • Being disruptive sounds like a good thing
  • You feel well paid... until you calculate it on an hourly basis
  • Your child thinks heaven must be a very rich place because angels give you money

It's a fun little book, one that also makes KPCG sounds like a fun place to work. Proceeds go to the Christopher Douglas Hidden Angel Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping enrich the lives of people with cognitive, emotional, and physical challenges.