Last year saw a spate of entrepreneurs hit the small screen, from Marcus Lemonis on CNBC's The Profit to Jeff Hayzlett's Bloomberg TV series C-Suite. This year there will be fewer such shows, as Hollywood takes a cue from Marvel Comics and brings more action to screens both large and small. However, the new crop of movies and shows can still provide plenty of lessons for entrepreneurs. Here are a few highlights to keep on your radar: 

Hit Record 
The plot: A half-hour variety show hosted by actor/director Joseph Gordon-Levitt with acts and appearances crowdsourced entirely by fans.
Why you'll watch: The crowdsourcing concept has never been brought to TV quite like this before. Also, it's hard to match Gordon-Levitt's enthusiasm. Or production savvy. 
Mark your calendar for: The pilot Jan. 18 on Pivot

House of Cards
The plot: House Majority Whip Frank Underwood returns for a second season of wheeling and dealing on the Beltway. 
Why you'll watch: Will the motives behind Peter Russo's murder be revealed? Will conniving Zoe Barnes get her comeuppance? Those with even a fleeting interest in power dynamics will want to find out. 
Mark your calendar for: Feb. 14 on Netflix 

The Monuments Men 
The plot: Written by and starring George Clooney, it's a fact-based tale of a group of World War II soldiers tasked with rescuing and returning art stolen by the Nazis. 
Why you'll watch: Much in the way Ocean's 11 played with themes of teamwork, The Monuments Men promises the same level of camaraderie and humor, all things you can use in the office. 
Mark your calendar for: Feb. 7

Veronica Mars 
The plot: Veronica hits the big screen, this time to help former flame Logan after he's accused of killing his girlfriend. 
Why you'll watch: Entrepreneurs and Mars fans alike will be curious to see how the $5.7 million Kickstarter project turned out, and if Hollywood's learned anything
Mark your calendar for: March 14

The plot: Johnny Depp plays a computer scientist studying "the singularity," the point at which artificial intelligence becomes humanlike. But things get scary when he's uploaded into a mainframe by anti-tech activists. 
Why you'll watch: Director Wally Pfister, who created the look and feel of Inception, won't just make you rethink your reliance on your computer--he is certain to bend your mind.   
Mark your calendar for: April 18

Edge of Tomorrow 
The plot: Tom Cruise is fighting to save the Earth. Trouble is, he's stuck in a time loop, in which he relives Judgment Day over and over. 
Why you'll watch: A sexy soldier played by Emily Blunt teaches Cruise's character how to learn from his mistakes--and beat the enemy senseless. 
Mark your calendar for: June 6