Who needs an IOU when you've got a burrito? 

In what may be the most creative financing scheme in the annals of small business, London fast food outlet Chilango is offering a four-year corporate bond that gives buyers 8 percent interest and a free burrito a week for the duration of the debt, according to The Wall Street Journal. All you need to participate is £10,000 ($16,800) and a lot of faith that the company will make good on its promise. 

Founded by former Skype colleagues Eric Partaker and Dan Houghton, Chilango operates seven Mexican restaurants across London. The company is raising £1 million to expand and, as it says on its website, "bring the stampede of flavors we love to the U.K." 

Fans of the chain have two months to invest in the seven-year-old company, WSJ notes, and must put up a minimum of £500. Investing £10,000 gets you lunch once a week, which is probably what you'd spend in London anyway. All investors get a coupon for two burritos upon subscribing, and the first 100 will be invited to a shindig featuring even more delightful Chilango fare. 

“Each new restaurant costs around £500,000 to launch so raising £3 million would enable us to accelerate the opening of six new Chilango restaurants around London,” Partaker and Houghton write in the Burrito Bond prospectus.

If you're feeling rich and hungry, you can make your investment online via crowdsourcing site CrowdCube.