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Bye-bye .com? Domain Landscape to Become More Diverse

Over 1,900 companies vie for new domains via ICANN.
Expect new URLs with new suffixes once ICANN announces the new top-level domain names.

It turns out that .com might be getting some more domain-naming competition.

ICANN will reveal tomorrow which companies and organizations have applied for new generic top-level domain names (gTLDs), including .music, .free, and .game, according to CNET.

The 1,900 applicants reportedly includes companies like Canon (going after .canon) and Google, which revealed early this year it was applying for .google, and .youtube.

What does this mean? As the domain landscape becomes more diverse, domain squatters (those folks who sit on domains waiting for a massive payout) won’t have as much leverage over smaller companies and start-ups looking to buy space. Domain buyers will also be able to market more directly via their domains.
But don’t expect these new domains to be settled anytime soon. Once the list is released, interested companies will reportedly begin negotiations for the highly sought-after, yet generic TLDs, including .lol and .cars— a process that could stretch into 2013. ICANN says it plans to hold an auction for names if deals can’t be made.


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Last updated: Jun 12, 2012

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