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New Documentary to Focus on Female Entrepreneurs

Now that start-ups have entertainment value, She Means Business aims to put women front and center.

Starting a business isn’t glamorous work. The long hours, the painstaking attention to detail, the big frustrations within each little victory: Who'd want to watch that?

We're about to find out, now that the entertainment industry has been poking its nose into the world of startups. Bloomberg broadcast a TV documentary about TechStars, and Bravo has released plans for the start-up reality show Silicon Valley.  (And, yes, producer Randi Zuckerberg is Mark’s big sis.)
Now, Elizabeth Dell and Jackie Baptist are working to produce She Means Business, a documentary about women entrepreneurs. Now raising money on Kickstarter, and attracting the support of big influencers like Tim Draper and Sonja Perkins along the way, Dell and Baptist want to highlight the particular challenges that females face in the start-up world.
“If you look at the statistics today, women run about 40% of privately held businesses,” Baptist tells Inc. “And yet when it comes to access to capital, in terms of VC funding, women only get about 4%.”  

Baptist says she hopes to find three or four of the most complex and compelling stories of female entrepreneurs and bring them to the big screen.   

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