Video Transcript

00:10 JJ Ramberg: Now, this is admittedly one of the easiest pieces of advice to give and one of the hardest to follow. And that is, if an employee is not working out in your company, you must fire them. It is not doing anyone a favor, not your company, not your other employees, not that person to keep them in a job where they don't fit.

00:30 Ramberg: Now, somebody told me a good way to know if you have hired the wrong person is to do the cringe test. If every week while you are writing their paycheck or you check off the box so that they get their paycheck, you are cringing because they are not worth the money you are paying them, that means you need to fire that person. And listen, you might feel terrible about it. Everyone has who has ever had to fire anyone, but one bad egg in your company can bring down the whole culture of your company.