Video Transcript

00:12 JJ Ramberg: There is no rule out there that says when you give a gift to your clients, it needs to be around the holidays, and look, you actually shouldn't, over the holidays, because they end up with so many gifts. I remember one year, I ended up one day with a margarita basket from somebody, I think it was a box of brownies from somebody else. Four things, four good things, I can't even remember what they are, and they were amazing. So many came at once that I admittedly and embarrassingly don't even remember who they came from.

00:41 Ramberg: But if I got a present before Thanksgiving, I sure would remember who that came from because it would be the only one. So, when you're going to send gifts, make sure you send them at a time they're gonna get noticed. Send a Halloween gift, send a pre-Thanksgiving gift, maybe send a Valentine's gift. At a company that I worked with, Wove, and we shared an office for a little while, did something even to the next level on this. They would hold their Holiday party before Thanksgiving because they wanted to make sure all their clients could come. If they held it in the middle of December, chances are people would be busy. When they had their pre-Thanksgiving party, everyone was there.