Video Transcript

00:11 JJ Ramberg: I learned this early on in my career when I worked at, and a woman I worked with named Wendy used to do this with her employees. When she hired someone and she asked them to do a project, they'd turn it in, and she'd say before even looking at it, "Is this the best work you can do?" And then if the person said "no", she'd say "Okay, go back and give it to me in an hour." And then in an hour, they'd come back with the best work. But what she proved with that or what she was showing and teaching is "Don't give me anything that you don't think is the best work. It's not worth my time." And because of that, people loved working for her because they knew that she expected a lot from them and she lived up to that. And doing that from day one changed the tone of what it could have been in the company.