Video Transcript

00:12 JJ Ramberg: By the time December rolls around, chances are nobody is going to remember what you did in January. And so, it's really important and really good for your team building to get everyone to remember everything you've done throughout the year. So, at GoodSearch, we do this during our holiday party, where we list off everything. And this can be big hiring milestones, big things that we have launched, and then some personal things. So, in my case, I had a baby, and so we talked about that at the end of the year.

00:41 Ramberg: And this serves as a really good look back on, "Hey, you guys, we really did a lot this whole year." And it's also good to write it down and share it with important people like your Board members, your advisors, maybe your customers. It's just a really good catalog of everything you've done. And listen, if it's a hard year, like it has been for many people over the last few years, you can explain it like that. Say, "Hey, in the worst recession since the Great Depression, we held on to 60% of our clients."