Video Transcript

00:09 John Besh: If you're living in New Orleans and you moved back after Katrina, then you did so, knowing that it wouldn't be the easiest of places to navigate, and it's become a hot bed for entrepreneurs.

00:22 Besh: We had about a hundred employees prior to the storm and then, day that the hurricane hit, all I could count was about three or four of us. There was myself and one of my best friends, an Israeli, living together in my beat-up Land Rover Defender. The city's washed away and there's certainly no hope in sight, so I thought that we're definitely going bankrupt. There's no if, ands, or buts about it. But in the process what we would do is we'd be great stewards to the community.

00:54 Besh: I asked myself, "Why is it that I do what I do?" And it's not because of rewards, and it's not to have plaques on the wall, and it's not just to have this fancy restaurant, cooking foods that people truly can't pronounce, even the cooks that cook them. It's about helping others, and it's about using our God-given talents to make the world a better place.

01:17 Besh: So, we got out there and started feeding people on the streets, out of flatboats, originally. And then we started just anything that we could do to just to bring food and water to people, which later turned into a business, a business where we started feeding oil companies, one refinery after another. There people needed to get back in and clean the places up and get 'em back up and running, and they needed food to do that. That allowed us to hire our entire staff back and then some.