Video Transcript

00:09 John Besh: Once people started trickling back in, we just happened to be in the right place at the right time, and we had the ability to parlay that into a mass catering business. We had this machine that had been catering for over a year and a half after the storm, and we started to apply those assets, both human assets and financial assets, that we had, into creating other restaurants.

00:35 Besh: And so we have people coming in by the droves literally, we don't have enough room for the people that are applying to work for our firm, because people want to make a difference. And it's inherent in what it is that we do. And as a cook, the reason why I like to cook is to make people happy. And so, we started just, one, looking at this component of civic awareness and finding individuals that truly want to make the city a better place, and then finding people and also looking for the same person to have that trait that they enjoy making people happy. And if you're serving people on a regular basis, then you've got to be happy doing it. And when you can find people that understand both, just not the idea of corporate stewardship, but can espouse the idea of personal stewardship, where, "I'm here in my community, I'll work with foundations. I'll make a difference on my own and my company will as well", then you've really got something.

01:36 Besh: And that's what we have today, it's a beautiful thing. So just a few years later, six years later, we employ probably around 700, 725 people, versus the 100, prior to the storm. And I think it all has to do with this idea of cooking and working, and serving and cleaning, whatever we happen to be doing within my company, of doing that for a better good, not just for the plaques that adorn the walls, but to truly make a difference.

02:11 Besh: So we created a foundation a couple of years ago. The foundation is called the Chef John Besh Foundation. And it's really nothing. I'm emulating what people before me have done, people like Emeril Lagasse and what he's done raising money for various charities related to children. And I started thinking, "What can I do as a cook and what can we do as a company that can really make a difference, where we could be hands-on and we can actually effect some sort of really positive change?" And what that was we came up with, was the Chefs Move! Scholarship. And what the scholarship is really all about is how we will pay for the education, full-paid tuition, to take a minority youth from Orleans Parish. We want somebody from the center of the city...