Running a company is all about asking the right questions. You might need to find out more about inventory management, or customer service, or your financials. Strangely, when it comes to technology, some business owners prefer to hide under a rock. As long as the email server is working and the company site hasn't been taken over by Russian hackers, all is well.

Yet, even when it comes to Information Technology--you know, those super-smart tech folks that make those company servers hum and know where to find the email you just deleted accidentally--it's still important to ask questions and get a conversation going. Here are 20 good ones to ask.

Note: If the answer to any of these questions seems vague, ask your IT staff to do more research and get back to you on that issue.

1. If we were hit by a virus, could you find out where it originated and what is infected?

2. If a disaster struck in our area, what percentage of IT services would still be available?

3. Do we have any telecommuters who tap in over an unencrypted connection? Why?

4. Where do we store our customer records?

5. What kind of technology do we use for document storage? Have we evaluated them recently?

6. Do we use two-factor authentication for email? Are there other options?

7. What speed do we use for our incoming broadband line? Why that speed?

8. What are all the ways employees can reach our Help Desk?

9. What is your greatest IT need right now?

10. How are we doing on Search Engine Optimization? Can people find our site?

11. Which apps need to be retired from the company? Why those?

12. Which standard apps should every employee have on their smartphone?

13. How much power do we use monthly for all IT services?

14. How often do we conduct user surveys and what have we been asking lately?

15. When did we last test out alternative browsers? What did we find out?

16. Which outdated technology are we still relying on to run the company?

17. How would the company be affected if a cloud provider we use went up in smoke?

18. What version of Wi-Fi are we using and why that one?

19. How long do people spend on average using our external site?

20. Which department demands most of your time?