Jerome Jarre is a 26 year old French entrepreneur and Snapchat star. A few days ago he was surfing the web like most 26 year olds when he came across a story about the widespread famine in Somalia. Instead of moving on to the next article, Jerome decided to use his large social network to help others. He reached out to famous actor Ben Stiller as well as his good friend and YouTube star Casey Neistat. Then he sent out a tweet that spread like wildfire, and researched methods to get help to Somalia which resulted in securing the help of Turkish Airlines.

What happened next was what can only be considered a global movement of thousands of people getting involved to help a cause. Jerome's Go Fund Me page raised over $1.7M in four days, and Turkish Airlines pledged a cargo plane to deliver much needed resources of food and water directly to Somalia later this month.

Here are a few leadership lessons to take away from such an amazing story.

Leadership is about empowering and serving others.

Bill Gates said it best, "As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those that empower others." Jarre is living out Gates' definition by using his voice and popularity in the social media arena, not for his own benefit, but to serve the people of Somalia. Turkish Airlines happens to be the only airline that flies to Somalia. Executives chose to not worry about the massive expense of donating an entire cargo plane to take supplies to Somalia, and instead empowered this movement. Whatever cost Turkish Airlines does incur will end up being offset by the "free" publicity they glean from their involvement in this great cause.

Leadership is about action.

The four most important letters in the word leadership are the first four: L-E-A-D. Lead is a verb and it's all about action. It's like the old saying, "actions always prove, while words mean nothing." The most important thing any leader can do is put an idea into action. In a recent interview on the Follow My Lead podcast my friend John O' Leary said, "all leaders should constantly ask themselves, 'what more can I do?'" So I pose the question to you, what more can you do as a leader to empower and serve your people that is action oriented?

Following is an important part of leadership.

Robert Herjavec, entrepreneur and co-host of Shark Tank probably said it best: "To be a great leader, you sometimes have to be a great follower." Each and every person who has gotten involved in the movement of helping the people of Somalia is living out an important part of leadership by being a great follower. No matter where you are on your leadership journey, don't think for a second that being a follower makes you someone who is unable to lead.

If you want to learn more about Somalia famine story, check out the story on Aljazeera or get involved by checking out Jerome Jarre's Go Fund Me Page.

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